Congratulations to Associate Professor Dr. Kendra Jason for receiving the Bonnie E. Cone Early-Career Professorship in Teaching. This award is given annually to one faculty member who has earned tenure within the last three years. Recipients of this award have shown stellar commitment to teaching in their early careers. “Jason aims to create a transformative […]

Dr. Julian Montoro-Rodriguez and his team recently presented at the Latino & Alzheimer’s Conference in San Diego on their work to develop a principle-guided behavioral educational program (Cuidando Juntos) for Latino dementia caregivers. Cuidando Juntos is an adaptation of the Caregiver TLC ( psychoeducational program to improve mental health of caregivers and increase information and support […]

This month, Dr. Kendra Jason was selected as the next President Elect of the Southern Sociological Society. The S.S.S. Election Committee remarked that this election by far had the most candidates. Congratulations Dr. Jason! Dr. Jason was also recently featured in the Charlotte Observer story discussing the potential impact of Charlotte’s high rate of home […]

On May 3rd the department held the 2023 Annual Awards Ceremony to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of students over the past year. First, we gave a shout-out to our students in leadership positions in the Student Association of Sociology: Nacomi Flanders, President; Sonae Smith, Vice President; Zaniya Ward, Secretary. With your work, the club […]

Dr. Candace Miller was recently featured in an installment of the WCEG Diversity in Economics Series. In this video, she discusses her work in economics as a sociologist and how her lived experience shapes her research. She also discusses prevalent questions regarding diversity and economics such as pathways to becoming an economist, retention in the […]

Joseph Graham, a former graduate student, was recently featured in the congressional film documentary, “Grit & Grace: The Fight for the American Dream”. The film highlights the stories of three families lived experiences which shows the various ways people find and establish economic security in this country. Graham’s story focuses on his early life and […]

The most recent edition of Footnotes, a magazine of the American Sociological Association (ASA), featured an article by Dr. Teresa Scheid. The article titled “Behavioral Health and the College Environment” was published in the Fall 2022 edition of Footnotes. This issue of the magazine had a central theme of Sociological Insights on Mental Health. To […]

On April 29th, 2022 the department of Sociology had the first in person Awards Ceremony since 2019. The department holds this ceremony annually to recognize Sociology students on their accomplishments. Alpha Delta Kappa (AKD) is an International Sociology Honors Society. The purpose of AKD is, “… to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship in the […]

On 03/21/2022, an article was published in regard to North Carolina nursing home staff shortages. Dr. Cynthia Hancock, Director of the Gerontology program at UNC Charlotte, was interviewed for this piece. In the article, Dr. Hancock emphasizes the issue of staff shortages in nursing homes and how the COVID-19 pandemic has inflamed the issue even […]

On 03/15/22, Dr. Anne-Kathrin Kronberg was awarded a grant from the RSF-Gates Foundation as a part of their third round of the Pipeline Grants Competition. The purpose of the RSF-Gates Pipeline Grants initiative is to support tenure-track individuals in social science and promote the multifaceted aspects of diversity. With this award, Dr. Kronberg will be […]

On 12/13/21, Dr. Julian Montoro–Rodriguez was interviewed by 3 WBTV QcLife about the Caregiver TLC program being offered through Southminster. The virtual program aims to teach coping skills and strategies to family caregivers that focuses on improving their own self-care and quality of life while caring for loved ones. To read the article in full […]

The 2021 finalists for UNC Charlotte’s top teaching awards are widely known for their student-centered approaches to teaching. Each fall, UNC Charlotte recognizes those outstanding faculty members whose talents have a positive impact on UNC Charlotte’s learning environment. Vaughn Schmutz, associate professor, Department of Sociology was nominated as one of the top 3 finalists for […]

Recently UNC Charlotte posted a press release detailing a new grant that was awarded to Prof. of Sociology & Social Work, Dr. Julian Montoro-Rodriguez who will be the Investigator for the study. The grant will offer virtual programming focused on education and community building for caregivers supporting people with chronic conditions and disability in North […]

While the COVID – 19 pandemic has devastated America, its impact has been vastly disproportionate on the Black community. Black Americans are almost 3 times as likely to die from the virus compared to White Americans. Despite that figure however, many in the Black community are skeptical of the vaccine that was recently released. Asst. […]

In honor of Women’s History Month, Inc. recently published an article asking multiple female leaders about their experiences in the workplace along with tips to help other women to get ahead while combating misogyny. To read the article in full, please click here.

Under federal law, gender discrimination in the workplace is illegal, but does that mean it no longer exists? In a recent article published by Forbes online, Prof. Jill Yavorsky’s research has uncovered answers that may surprise you. To find out the answer for yourself and read more, click here to read the full article.

To read the article in full, please click here.

Asst. Prof. of Sociology, Jill Yavorsky was interviewed by Inside UNC Charlotte to discuss new research on gender inequality that indicates that even women who show the most promise early in their academic careers, may still have less leadership prospects than their underachieving male counterparts. To read the article in full, click here.