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What is Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of human social life. 

It focuses upon the forces that organize and structure societies and smaller groups, as well as the forces that disorganize and threaten to dissolve them.  As a science, sociology applies an objective and systematic method of investigation to identify the patterns and forms of social life and to understand the processes by which they are established and changed.

The study of sociology is attractive to students seeking a liberal education and immediate employment, as well as to those preparing for further study and professional careers.  As a liberal arts program, it enables students to understand the social contexts in which they find themselves and the social forces that shape personality, actions, and interactions with others.  As a pre-professional program it provides an excellent background for people entering social work, law, teaching, the ministry, journalism, planning, public relations and personnel services.  It also provides analytical skills related to market research and program evaluation in human services, sales, management, and other business activities.

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