FAQ – Sociology M.A. Program

We do not offer a PhD program in sociology. Our department supports several interdisciplinary PhD programs such as Organizational Science and Public Policy. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD at UNC Charlotte, please visit their websites for further information.

We do not require an undergraduate degree in sociology. However, we do expect you to have enough foundational knowledge about sociology so that you know what you are getting into and are prepared for it. We hope to see good grades on your college transcript for key sociology courses such as introduction to sociology, sociological theory, research methods, and/or social statistics. 

If you are still in school, you can take some of the courses mentioned above. These courses are also available online through Coursera and other online course providers.

If you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, you may consider our university’s post-baccalaureate program. More information can be found at gradadmissions.charlotte.edu/admissions/post-baccalaureate.

Our graduate school waives the application fee for McNair Scholars and UNC Charlotte Employees*. The sociology department does not have the ability to waive the application fee for other people.

*To learn more about eligibility for application waivers as a UNC Charlotte employee, please click here.

Information about graduate tuition and fee rates can be found here: ninercentral.charlotte.edu/billing-payments-refunds/tuition-and-fees/graduate-tuition-fees.

Information about the cost of living in Charlotte, NC can be found on the Internet.

Yes, we have a small number of graduate assistantships to offer. Those receiving these assistantships will be required to work as TA/RA for 20 hours a week during the semesters. They receive a standard stipend for Master’s students and in-state tuition.

If you are an international student or from out of state, you will not be eligible for in-state tuition. With the graduate assistantship, you will need to pay approximately $17,500 per academic year to cover the difference between out-of-state tuition and in-state tuition, and fees.

No, all accepted applicants will be automatically considered for a graduate assistantship. No separate application is required.

Our program is designed for full-time students. Core courses are sequenced and offered once a year. We expect all students to start on a full-time basis.

Part-time enrollment is possible in the second year, though it is not recommended because it sometimes leads to significant delays in graduation.