Sociology Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community?

“Learning Communities were established to increase new students’ academic success, learning, and engagement by creating communities of students and faculty/staff through common courses, curricular innovations and co-curricular activities based on a major, theme, or interest.”

The Learning Communities program is a collaborative effort between Academic and Student Affairs here at UNC Charlotte. It has shown to have a strong and positive impact on new incoming students in terms of impact and longevity. To learn more about all Learning Community opportunities at UNC Charlotte, visit the Academic Affairs Learning Communities webpage.

Sociology Learning Communities

The Sociology Department is the home of two Learning Communities!

The Global Village Learning Community (GVLC) is a one-year program for first-year students at UNC Charlotte. The academic focus of this community is centered on global and cross-cultural issues. The subject matter focuses on learning about different people and cultures at home and abroad. Courses taken from this community also fulfill general education requirements. Students who are a part of the GVLC and who are eligible for the study abroad program have priority registration for two study abroad programs run by the Department of Sociology.

The Sociology Bridge Learning Community (SBLC) is a one-year program for UNC Charlotte transfer students interested in majoring in Sociology. Participation in this Learning Community eases the transfer experience. The courses offered in SBLC fulfill upper-level requirements for Sociology majors, keeping students on track for graduation. The main academic focus centers on Sociological theories, approaches, and research topics allowing students to become more familiar with the discipline and how to understand social issues. A bonus perk of being a part of the SBLC is having guaranteed seats in upper-level classes needed for the degree.

Both Learning Communities are non-residential, meaning students participating in either community are not required to live in a residential hall together. Students choose where they live outside of the LC.

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