B.A. in Sociology with Honors

Sociology, B.A Honors Program

The B.A. in Sociology with Honors is the highest accolade UNC Charlotte Sociology undergraduates can receive. The Honors Program aims to identify, encourage, nurture, and recognize students with exceptional analytical, creative, and communicative skills. The program stresses guided, but self-directed, independent study and each Honors student will be assisted and evaluated by a faculty committee. The Sociology Honors program is great preparation for post baccalaureate/graduate training, and a stellar addition to your resume. This distinction attests to a candidate’s exemplary grade point average in their major, the completion of honors course work, as well as the successful defense of a substantial undergraduate thesis. For more information about the Honors College and Departmental Honors Programs visit the Honors College webpage

Eligibility and Admission

To be eligible for the Sociology B.A. Honors program, the following is required:

  • An overall GPA of 3.2 or higher; this standard must be maintained throughout the period of participation in the Honors Program
  • A GPA of 3.5 or higher in all Sociology courses; this standard must be maintained throughout the period of participation in the Honors Program
  • Completion of at least 30, but not more than 90, credit hours at the time participation in the Honors Program begins (determined by the start date of the student’s first Honors Program regularly scheduled course or independent study)
  • Completion and submission of the Sociology Honors Program application form to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Admission to the Honors Program may be initiated by the student or by any faculty member of the Department of Sociology on behalf of the student.


The curriculum for the Sociology Honors Program includes the following:

  • Complete at least nine hours of Honors courses. Six hours of Honors courses can be completed by taking courses that are offered through the University Honors Program (not including the thesis) and earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher for the courses
  • Complete a 3-credit Honors Thesis (SOCY 3799) based on a proposal approved by the student’s Honors Committee. The thesis must meet the following criteria:
    • An original research project examining a sociological issue;
    • Include both secondary and primary research;
    • Follow traditional scholarly research structure with chapters appropriate to the research method and context;
    • At least 25 and not more than 75 pages; double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins;
    • Compliant with an appropriate scholarly writing style;
    • Orally defended;
    • In accordance with the policies of the University Honors Program, “A” is the required grade for the Honors Thesis Research Course.
  • The Student may take an additional 3-credit hours of Preliminary Honors Research (SOCY 3798) on a pass/fail basis to conduct preliminary research and writing.
    • If you choose to do this, you must submit a comprehensive report of your progress in the preliminary research and you must take SOCY 3799 the following semester to complete and defend your thesis.

Successful Honors Program candidates will complete at least nine credit hours of Honors courses in Sociology (which count toward the 120 hours required for graduation).

Program Specific Requirements:

Department Honors Committee

An Honors Committee will review Honors Programs applications and approve or decline those applications. This committee will be comprised of the Undergraduate Coordinator as the Department Honors Program Coordinator and chair of the Honors Committee and two members elected to serve on the committee, following the departmental committee election process. The Honors Committee reserves the right to restrict the number of students admitted into the Program for a given year, dependent upon the demands on the Department.

Student’s Honors Program Committee

Each Honors student must obtain the participation of three full-time faculty members to shepherd him/her through the Honors Program, with at least two committee members being from Sociology. Members of this committee will advise the student on course selection, evaluate the student’s thesis proposal, and evaluate the completed thesis. One faculty member from Sociology will serve as committee chair and primary contact for the student. At least one of the three members must be tenured/tenure-track. When appropriate, based on the student’s academic interest, one of the three faculty members may be selected from an outside department. The student is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all meetings with the committee as a whole or with individual members; this includes the thesis defense.


  1. Complete and submit the Sociology Honors Program application form to the Undergraduate Coordinator.
  2. Complete the Application to Candidacy Form with a thesis/project proposal by the deadline (Spring Graduation: no later than the second Tuesday of November, Fall/Summer Graduation: no later than the Second Tuesday of April) the semester PRIOR to the semester in which you expect to complete the thesis/project. This Application to Candidacy process is required before taking any honors thesis/project courses on campus.

Students may withdraw from the Honors Program in writing at any time without penalty. Students may be removed from the program upon recommendation of the two-person Honors Program Committee in consultation with the Chair of the Sociology Department without penalty.

Have Questions?

Reach out to the Undergraduate Coordinator and Honors Program Director, Dr. Victoria Rankin, by emailing Victoria.Rankin@charlotte.edu.