The Sociology Bridge Learning Community

About the Sociology Bridge

The Sociology Bridge Learning Community (SBLC) is a one-year program for transfer students interested in majoring in Sociology at UNC Charlotte. The learning community will ease the transfer experience and all courses offered fulfill upper-level requirements for Sociology majors, so it will help you get closer to graduation in a timely manner. Our academic focus centers on core Sociological theories, approaches, and research topics, which means you will become familiar with the discipline and how to understand social issues.

It is open to ALL transfer students who are majoring in Sociology or who are interested in majoring in Sociology, regardless of where you choose to live!

As is the case with all Learning Communities at UNC Charlotte, a primary goal of the Sociology Bridge LC is to engage transfer students in the intellectual and social community that is UNC Charlotte. The purposes of this community are three-fold: (1) to integrate new transfer students into the University and the Department; (2) to provide professional socialization to these students; and (3) to enable these students to make timely progress toward degree completion.

This learning community will help students develop friendships and build support networks with other students and faculty. In addition to taking classes together, SBLC students explore campus resources and career opportunities and do other activities together. Transfer students interested in sociology as a subject will benefit from learning more information about Sociology as a profession and the kinds of jobs to which a Sociology degree can lead. In addition, transfer students in the learning community will be guaranteed seats in upper-level classes needed for the degree. This is key to adjusting to UNC Charlotte and making the most of your Sociology degree!

Some unique examples of activities and opportunities SBLC students participate in together:

  • Taking multiple classes together as a cohort to develop a sense of community
  • Meet your assigned peer mentor, a student from the previous SBLC cohort.
  • Attending on-campus events, such as public lectures and workshops
  • picnics
  • Annual awards night, scavenger hunt, and trip to up-town to help us get to know each other and celebrate our accomplishments
  • Special sessions with Sociology student organization and honors society

Students’ engagement in the social community is addressed both in class and out of class as they develop relationships with faculty, other undergraduate majors and minors, and graduate students. Students in the Sociology Bridge LC will enroll together in a series of courses that fulfill the Sociology major requirements.

Course Work

During the academic year Sociology Bridge Learning Community students enroll in 4 courses as a group (2 courses each semester). Additionally, students will individually select 2 or 3 courses each semester (a typical full-time student takes 12-15 credit hours each semester). These additional courses will be selected in consultation with an advisor and typically fulfill major requirements or additional General Education requirements.

Sociology Bridge LC, Academic Core:

Fall 2024:

  • SOCY 3153: Sociological Theory with Dr. Darci Ann Powell
  • SOCY 4112: Sociology of Work with Dr. Anne-Kathrin Kronberg

Spring 2025:

  • SOCY 3155: Sociological Research Methods with Dr. Anne-Kathrin Kronberg
  • A fourth class that the entire cohort will decide on together

Is Sociology Bridge the LC for you? If:

  • You are interested in majoring in Sociology
  • You are interested in developing a sense of community within the department, particularly between faculty and students
  • You are interested in understanding yourself and others as individuals whose worldview and capacities are shaped by culture
  • You are interested in taking a series of courses with a cohort of other Sociology majors
  • You would like to connect with faculty members, graduate students, and other undergraduate students in the Department both inside and outside of the classroom
  • You would like to participate in workshops that will facilitate your professional development and awareness of Department and University resources
  • You would like to increase your understanding of Sociological theory, research methods and findings, and career paths
  • You would like to develop clear goals for completion of the Sociology major and your post-graduation plans

…then the answer is YES!

For more information about the Sociology Bridge Learning Community, please contact:

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Kronberg
Sociology Bridge Learning Community Coordinator
Fretwell 485B
Dept. of Sociology
Phone : 704 687 1403
Email :

Department of Sociology:
Phone : 704 687 7806
Fax : 704 687 1397