Assistant Prof. of Sociology, Zinobia Bennefield, was interviewed by WFAE on the reasons behind why many African-Americans are reporting a reluctance to the COVID – 19 vaccine. To read the interview in full, please click here.

The Atlantic recently pusblished an article online focusing on whether or not gender plays a significant role in one’s cleaning habits. Assistant Professor of Sociology- Jill Yavorksy- was asked to provide insight due to her research on gender behavior and cultural influences. To read the article in full, visit the link here.

The Charlotte Business Buzz Podcast presented by the Belk College of Business, seeks to highlight UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, alumni and industry partners who are making a difference in the Charlotte community. To start off their season 2, Jill Yavorsky –assistant professor of Sociology– was asked to speak on her research along with the unique […]

UNCC’s Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dr. Zinobia Bennefield, was recently interviewed by WBTV on why communities of color have shown a lack of enthusiasm for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine that was recently announced. Dr. Bennefield discusses how this is due to a history of mistrust from earlier medical trials such as the Tuskegee […]

On Friday, August 7th, Inside UNCC released an article featuring Professor Julian Montoro-Rodriguez focusing on his research involving Charlotte citizens aged 60+. Led by Montoro-Rodriguez and a team of scholars, Meck60+ is the first community assessment study in the area that includes data collected firsthand from both seniors and caregivers, focusing on key quality of […]

In late July, Wallethub released an article online comparing the best and worst school systems in the United States. Their list ranks all 50 states and was compiled based on 33 key metrics ranging from performance and funding to class size and instructor credentials. Sociology lecturer, Victoria Rankin, was asked to provide insight on their […]

Recently Inside UNCC featured an article by Professor of Sociology and Director of UNCC’s Gerontology program, Cynthia Hancok, Ph.D. In the article, Hancock interviews her mother, Joyce Riffe, about her experience with polio, the outbreak of Spanish Influenza in 1918 and how COVID-19 has had an impact on her life today. To read the article […]

Christy Murray Stromska, who is a graduate of both UNCC’s Sociology and Nursing programs, was recently interviewed for Inside UNC Charlotte about her experience working as a nurse during the current COVID-19 pandemic. After working as a nurse for almost 11 years at Regional Medical Center in San Jose, California, she has experienced multiple extreme […]

“Do Gender Pay Gaps in Workplaces Narrow the Longer Employees Stay? (they don’t)” written by assistant professor Anne-Kathrin Kronberg was recently published on the Work in Progress: Sociology website. To read the article in full detail, visit here: “Do Gender Pay Gaps in Workplaces Narrow the Longer Employees Stay? (they don’t)”

PBS NOVA published an article online discussing the link between chronic stress and an increased risk to COVID-19. More specifically, the article focuses on how chronic stress -especially the stress of racism- has affected minorities at an alarming rate within the United States. Native Americans are being hospitalized five times more than whites for coronavirus […]

Read the article in its entirety here: “Even after the pandemic is over, will handshakes and hugs remain a thing of the past?”

The health and safety of students, faculty, staff and community friends remains UNC Charlotte’s top priority. The University has been monitoring the rapidly evolving situation around coronavirus (COVID-19) and has been working in close collaboration with local and state resources. After careful thought and consideration, UNC Charlotte has decided to move instruction online. This was […]

Read more about how unemployment alters men’s job choices.

Read more about “The Double Whammy For Older, Low-Wage Workers With Chronic Conditions.”

A warm welcome to our new faculty member in the sociology department, Dr. Stephanie Potochnick! Stephanie graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2007 with an M.A. in Sociology. After continuing her education, Dr. Potochnick joined the faculty at the University of Missouri, but has decided to make the move back to Charlotte! Dr. Potochnick’s research examines […]

Rosemary was recently elected chair of the Evolution, Biology, & Society Section of ASA beginning in August! Be sure to congratulate her next time you see her!

Congratulations to Sarah Pollock who was just awarded the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching by a Full-Time Lecturer Award! This is awarded to a full-time faculty member who has made exceptional teaching contributions to the undergraduate classroom. Sarah continually shows extraordinary performance in and out of the classroom with her students. She […]

In her most recent publication, Glass Ceiling is More Extensive Than Previously Thought, Study Shows, Dr. Jill Yavorsky analyzes gender income patterns in the U.S. and uses her discoveries to dissect the gap between men and women in “elite” households. Indulge in Yavorsky’s findings to gain an understanding of why men control the majority of […]