Sociology Online Major

What is the Sociology Online Major?

Are you interested in a Sociology Degree but do not have the time availability of a traditional college student?

The Sociology Online major (SOCY ONL) at UNC Charlotte  may be the perfect fit for you!

This major is completely online and is part of the Distance Education (DE) program and school of Professional Studies. The Sociology Online major includes a concentraion in Organizations, Occupations, and Work (OOW).

Who is this program best suited for?

The  Sociology Online major is best suited for those who may need more time flexibility to finish their degree. Some examples of types of students in the online major include but are not limited to:

  • Commuters
  • Those living outside of Charlotte
  • Those with a schedule that do not allow the time of the traditional college students
  • Readmitted students
  • Students in the OASIS program
  • 49er finish
  • Students working full-time

The majority of students in the Sociology Online major work full-time jobs, which is one of the driving reasons for why the degree has a concentration in Organizations, Occupations, and Work. Students in this program can either be part time or full students at the university.

Degree Specific Requirements

**Note: It is highly encourages to have SOCY 1101, STAT 1222, and all other gen ed requirements completed before beginning  the Sociology Online Major requirements.



Credit Hours

General Education

Please visit the general education website to see a more detailed description of requirements.

Gen Ed: 37-41

Foreign Language: 0-8

Core Sociology Courses
  • SOCY 1101 (Intro to Sociology)
  • SOCY 4156 + Lab (Quanitative Data Analysis)
  • SOCY 3153 + Lab (Sociological Theory)
  • SOCY 3155 + Lab (Research Methods)
  • SOCY 4699 (Senior Seminar)

17 Credit Hours

**Note: SOCY 1101 may have already been completed  for General Education Requirements

OOW Concetration
  • SOCY 2115 (Intro to Organizations)
  • OOW Elective
  • OOW Elective
  • OOW Elective
12 Credit Hours Total
SOCY Elective Courses
  • ANY SOCY 2000/3000/4000 Elective
3 Credit Hours Total

Credits needed to graduate: 120

Required Major Credits: 32

*Other SOCY electives can be taken to fulfill deegree or graduation requirements

Elective Choices

OOW Electives Available
  • SOCY 4111 - Social Inequality
  • SOCY 4112 - Sociology of Work
  • SOCY 4115 - Organizational Sociology
  • SOCY 4114 - Professionalism in Sociolgy
  • SOCY 3125 - Older Worker and Retirement
  • SOCY 4480 - Internship

SOCY Elective Options

(May vary depending on Semester)

  • SOCY 2132
  • SOCY 2161
  • SOCY 2163
  • SOCY 2169
  • SOCY 2171
  • SOCY 3110
  • SOCY 3132
  • SOCY 3143
  • SOCY 3173
  • SOCY 3261
  • SOCY 4271
  • SOCY 4125
  • SOCY 4135
  • SOCY 4165 (W)
  • SOCY 4172

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Have questions about the online degree?

Below are webpage links to comparison between the main campus major program and online major program as well as a FAQ page.

For further questions, contact  the Sociology Online advisor, Mary McKenzie, by emailing

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