Welcome to the Beginning of Fall Term 2017

The Sociology Department is saying, hello, farewell, and best wishes to faculty. Read about our transitions:

Professor Lisa Walker – To the Office of Undergraduate Education, Associate Dean for Graduation and Advising

Professor Beth Rubin – May 2017. Transition to Professor Emeritus
Professor Judy Aulette – January 2017, Transition to Professor Emeritus

Professor Christy Erving – July 2017, for Vanderbilt University as an Assistant Professor of Sociology
Professor E. Wairimu Mwangi – August 2017, for Trinity Washington DC as an Assistant Professor of Sociology

Welcome to Our New Arrivals:

Dr. Daniel Auguste – Multicultural Postdoctoral Fellow from UNC Chapell Hill

Professor Victoria Rankin – Adjunct Professor of Sociology
Previous to UNC Charlotte, Dr. Rankin was a Senior Researcher, Education Division, at the American Institutes for Research; Assistant Research Professor of Sociology at The George Washington University. At UNCC, Dr. Rankin is teaching Introduction to Sociology, in addition to upper-level classes.

Dr. Megan Smith

Professor Jill Yavorsky – Assistant Professor of Sociology and Core Faculty Member of Organizational Science
Prof. Yavorsky will be conducting research and teaching classes on sociological issues related to work and organizations, gender, family, inequality, and sexuality. “I look forward to connecting with other faculty members as well as graduate students in the Sociology department and Organizational Science program.”