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Sociology programs & Transfer Students

Are you thinking about transferring from a community college as a Sociology major or minor to UNC Charlotte or are you a new community college transfer student? Here you will find information to help you navigate the transition.

Many of our Sociology majors and minors at UNC Charlotte transfer to our program from CPCC.

If you do this, you will find much that is familiar but also much that is new. Perhaps one of the biggest differences that you will notice between the two programs is the greater number and diversity of courses in sociology and related social science disciplines that we offer.

Degree Requirements

If you do come to UNC Charlotte with your A.A degree from Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), you will have a great start toward completing your B.A degree with a major in sociology.

First, typically you will receive credit for half of the 120 hours that are required for a B.A. degree and you will also have completed UNC Charlotte’s general education requirements. If, in addition, you have taken all of the sociology courses offered in your program at CPCC, you will also have met our major requirements for Introductory Sociology and two lower-division classes (one of which may be writing intensive).

You will have the following requirements left to complete your sociology major:

  • SOCY 3153: Evolution of Sociological Theory
  • SOCY 3155: Research Methods with lab
  • SOCY 4156: Quantitative Analysis with computer lab
  • SOCY 4699: Sociology Senior Seminar (fulfills writing and oral requirement)
  • Additional sociology courses (3000-level or above)

The freedom to select the remaining courses for your sociology major is where you can have some fun! The department has particularly strong teaching and research interests in the areas of social inequality, sociology of education, sociology of the family, medical sociology, formal organizations and social psychology. We also offer courses on deviant behavior and criminology. Qualified students may supplement this coursework with internships in a number of approved agencies or by pursuing independent studies with a selected faculty member. Concentrations in Social Psychology; Social Problems; or Organizations, Occupations, and work are also available.

Which of my classes will transfer?

The following is a list of courses that UNC Charlotte accepts.

For those wishing to complete a major in Sociology, you are only allowed two (2) Sociology electives at the 2000/0001 level (not including Introduction to Sociology). If you have taken more than two of the courses below, the hours in excess will count towards your overall credit hours, but not used in the Sociology major.

For those wishing to complete a minor in Sociology, you can count up to four (4) Sociology electives (not including Introduction to Sociology) towards the minor at UNC Charlotte. If you have taken more than four of the courses below, the hours in excess will count towards your overall credit hours, but not used in the Sociology minor.

Community College CourseUNC Charlotte Equivalent
SOC 210: Introduction to SociologySOCY 1101: Introduction to Sociology (Social Science)
SOC 213: Sociology of the FamilySOCY 2132: Marriage and Family/LBST 2211 (CPCC only: SOCY 2133)
SOC 215: Group ProcessesSOCY 0001: Sociology Elective
SOC 220: Social ProblemsSOCY 2171: Social Problems/LBST 221
SOC 225: Social DiversitySOCY 0001: Sociology Elective/LBST 2102
SOC 230: Race and Ethnic RelationsSOCY 0001: Sociology Elective/LBST 2101
SOC 234: Sociology of GenderSOCY 0001: Sociology Elective (CPCC only: SOCY 2163)
SOC 240: Social PsychologySOCY 2161: Sociological Social Psychology
SOC 245: Drugs and SocietySOCY 2090: Topics in Sociology
SOC 250: Sociology of ReligionSOCY 0001: Sociology Elective

**Please note: SOCY 0001 electives will count as 2000-level electives. Only two 2000-level electives will count for the Sociology major or minor.

You can also visit this link to find out if other classes you are taking will transfer: Transfer Credit Advisor

Have Questions?

If you have other questions regarding transferring to UNC Charlotte, please contact the Admissions Office.

If you have academic advising questions specific to the Sociology programs for UNC Charlotte, to one of our following advisors:

Sarah Valvo | Sociology Major & Minor advisor | email:

Mary McKenzie | Sociology Online Major Advisor | email: