How To Schedule an Appointment

How To Schedule An Appointment with Your Advisor:

At this time, ALL Sociology academic advising appointments are currently virtual. If you have concerns about your schedule or courses and would like to speak with one of our department leads in person, please fill out the contact us form to make an appointment. Please note that this in-person appointment will not fulfill the advising requirement necessary for registration or if you have any academic holds/restrictions.

Step 1 - Log into Connect

Step 2 - Click 'Make an Appointment' (blue button at top right)

Step 3 - What type of appointment would you like to schedule?  Select 'Academic Advising'

Step 4 - Service:  Academic Advising

Step 5 - Pick a Date and click 'Find Available Times'

Note: If you have multiple advisors, select the advisor you would like to schedule the appointment with.

Step 6 - Select a Time

Step 7 - Review Appointment Details and click 'Schedule' (bottom of page)

If you have further questions not answered above, please visit the Advising Center's FAQ or contact us.